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Bottle Feeding Kids

 1-2 day                     ½ cup                  Gradually up to ¾            #4 feeding/ day

 3-7 day                     1 cup                     “   up to 1 ¼                   #3 feeding / day

 2-6 weeks                 2 cups                    “  up to 2 ½                    #3 feeding/ day

 6-8 weeks                  2 ½                       “  up to 3                         #2 feeding/ day

Always feed them warm milk.  About 102 degrees.  They get very cold if you don't. 

We have always warmed the milk in the microwave.  I have not seen any adverse effects. 

 We continue to bottle feed them until they are 3 mos old.

 When we wean them from the bottle, we start skipping a feeding.  Maybe not feed the am bottle. Then feed one the next day, and skip.  Then two, then three.  Then stop all together. 

I would consider this a minimum schedule.  Over the years, we have found less more often is better. 

On newborns, we will feed them 'round the clock the first 3 days, and gradually cut out the night feedings, as we increase the amount during the day.  We do feed a late night feeding, before we retire for the night, so they do not have to go so long before the morning feeding. 

We will start to cut out the third feeding when they are about 10 weeks old. 

We have very successfully transitioned them to whole cows milk.  At about 1 week, we being to gradually decrease the goat milk and add cows milk.  Maybe 1 oz per feeding for about 2 days, and so on until they are fully on cows milk.  And, it is just the stuff you get at the grocery store.  There is no cost savings from replacer, and depending on the cost of replacer, could even be more expensive this way.  I don't know what replacer costs, but do not ever plan to use it.  The kids do just fine on the whole cows milk.  Don't skimp on 2% or 1%.  They need the fat in the milk. 

And, initially, we use the baby bottle you can buy at Wal-Mart.  We do have to make the holes a bit bigger on the nipples. 

You can then transition them to a bucket if you have several kids to feed. 


You can also use this nipple type on a pop bottle

Or buy these items and make your own multi kid feeding bucket.

   Tubing                            Nipples                         3 gal Bucket              



If you are handy, you can fashion a stand, or purchase one






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