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The pictures on the left are of 3 different doelings born in 2009. Both photos sets were taken on different days indifferent areas. These are all back legs.

Photos taken August, 2009

The black legs are of the same doe. 

I kept looking at this doe, wondering what was wrong.  I wanted to be sure it was the doe and not the ground causing the effect.  The black doe has long pasturns, and the don't have a solid good angle.

On the right, is another angle of the black doeling.

None of this pasturn problem is evident in her dam and sire, or per maternal grand dam or grand sire and great grand sire or great grand dam. I have no data on the paternal side.

This doeling will never be productive in our

brush management program.

She will never be bred as she may pass

this on to kids. 

Poor conformation of the pasterns

This doe is 3 years old in the photo

Poor conformation of the pasterns

This did not show up until the buck was 3 years old

Good conformation of the pasterns

This doe is 9 years old in this photo

Split scrotum

He is not a breeding buck

A hermorphadite

She does have testicles inside the abdomen

This did not show up until after puberty, when she began to get heavier horns, and just a buck look about the head and the protuberance at the vulva.

A well shaped hoof maintained naturally

Kid born with many problems

The kid with problems and his sibling

A hoof that grows odd and does not naturally maintain-a cull factor



Doe was born 4-05

Kid born 3-13-09, Weaned single kid 6-12-09

only nursed on side

Photo taken 8-20-09, doe is 4 years old.

But the udder, like the other doe, has not stayed nice and tight.  The one side will be more prone to injury, so she will not be kidding again.


Born 3-9-05

Kidded 3-18-09 Weaned single kid 6-12-09

only nursed one side

Photo taken 8-20-09, doe is 4 years old.

This does udder just fell apart this year. Teats are not defined, the ligaments are stretched.  If she were to kid a gain, they probably would have a hard time finding those very low teats.

She is a cull, and so is her buck kid born in 09. She can not really be used in brush work, due to the potential injury to the udder.

Her mother has a fine udder,  and she was born in 02.  See photo on the right


Doe born in 2002, photo taken 8-30-09

Dam to doe directly left middle photo.

Born 3-17-05

Kidded 3-12-09, Weaned twins 6-22-09

Photo taken 8-20-09, doe is 4 year old

This does udder is small, and the teats are still well defined.


Another angle of the doe above, and what her udder/teats look like.


This is a malformed jaw, and I have seen it

happen twice in my herd in 9 years.

The does, both born in 2008 and are at the time of the photo,16 mos old.

The doeling on the left just doesn't look right

The doeling on the right is more pleasing in structure.

It took me along time to really identify why I did not like the one on the right. 








Look at the photos

The bucklings are all about the same age

They are not the same quality

Small testicles are a cull factor


I was looking at all these bucks.  There is one, whose rear legs are straight!  This is also the same buck that has fallen pasturns.  All the other bucks in the field do not display this straightness in the leg.  And, none of the other bucks display the down pasturns. 

The buck with straight legs is one I purchased from an other breeder.  All but one of the other bucks, are bucks I bred from the first kikos I purchased. 

Unfortunately, these are expensive lessons to learn.  Hopefully, it will help to train your eye early in your quest for goats.



Many many years ago someone told me look for a wide nose.  The rest of the goat just follows. 


Here is a good example

On the left, is a saanenX, on the right is a kiko

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