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The primary goal is to improve cattle pasture.


Solar panel used to power the fence. Note the amount of Klamath Weed (red weeds) all over the hillside

A panel used as a gate, and the electric wires showing spring tensioners

4-29-07 Western most corner of the project

3-2-08 Western most corner of the project - drought has limited the amount of grass



8-18-06 Notice the amount of Klamath Weed (red) in this section of land at the beginnig of the project

8-17-07 Notice the lack of Klamath weed after one year of continuious management

4-13-07 Spring time, the grasses are lush. The cattle are grazing in their area, and the goats are confined to theirs. Notice the solar panel

8-17-07 The same area, only 4 mos later




8-18-06 The fenceline is obscured, as well as the oak tree in the distance

8-17-07 Same section of fence, one year later

 This project has been a fun project to watch.  We anticipate being done with this project in 2009.  The project did have some challenges relating to the Klamath Weed.  It causes photosensitivity, particularly in light skinned goats.  Some adults developed blisters around the muzzle during the first year, due to the amount of weeds available.  In 2007, only one adult developed a few blisters, but some the kids born in 2007 developed significant burns from the toxins reacting with the sun. Some had to be brought home with the does.  It appears that the toxins pass through the milk.  When we removed the does with kids from the project, healing began in a couple of days. 

Kids born in this project in 2008 only had 3 kids develop any blistering, and it was extremely minor. 

Kids born in this project in 2009 had no blistering at all, in fact, the overall feed value was significant, partly due to  an extremely good year, and partly from the overall change in vegetation over the years. 

The goats have been off this project now for a month, and while all the equipment is still there, we are not sure if the owner feels the need to bring them back.  I do know for sure, his cattle will find this section of land much improve

June 2010-Klamath weed is in bloom.  Looking at this area the goats were in-there I can see no klamath weed! 


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