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I took these photos as I hang with the herds.  Watching and catching a variety of behaviors is a great way to spend an afternoon.  Just hanging, watching and being ready.  When the goats are used to having you around, things will become more normal for them. If they are not used to you, your very presence can change the dynamics and alter behaviors.

  In this photo, a kid climbs on his mamas back. The kids are extremely playful, and mamas are very tolerant of their own kids.
Helping each other out, someone will get the higher leaves. This doe used the back of one of her herdmates to allow her to reach the upper leaves.
A doe in very early labor. She is off by herself.  I took this photo around 10 am, and by 3pm, two kids had been born.
Goats would rather leap over the stream, then walk through it.
The day was somewhat drizzling, and mama had found a dry place to tuck her kid.
This doe found the ring of trees to be a good, safe place for her kid.  She is not far away on the right.
This is an outside to the inside of browsing behavior. 
Goats are also bipedal, meaning they will stand on two legs to reach higher. 
Never underestimate the value of teamwork. The brown doe is using the back of the grey doe to support herself.  The grey doe is using the trunk of the tree for support.  The white doe in the forground is waiting to see what is pulled down
The group is resting in the shade as the dog eats her breakfast.
Again, they are lined up, browsing next to the fence line, on the outside perimeter of the brush
Traveling along the fence line is typical behavior. 
This kid has not met with the border collie before.  Right now, she is very curious.  However, she will soon learn that the dog is there to make her move.
This doe is smelling her kid, to make sure it is the right one to be nursing on her.  Notice the position of the does hips and legs.  The hips are a bit tucked, and legs opened at the hips, allowing the kid more room and ease in nursing. 
The wether on the right is on top of a huge brush pile.  The rest of the herd is on the left.
This is a group of mature bucks loafing.  While loafing, goats will chew their cud and just rest.
I truly believe that animals should have a choice whether to be in the rain or not.  This group, with the dog, chose not to be out of the rain!
Carmelita and Jawa struck an interesting pose.  Taken just moments before the above photo.  If you notice, Carmelita has her two kids under the rock (you can only see one).  Jawa also has her kid under a rock, but it was not big enough for them both.
In this group, is a doe and her doe kid from 2009, and 2 does kids from 2010.  The '09 doe had been separated from the dam for many months.  But when put back together, they reunited as a family. 

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