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Here is an interesting publication on Yellow Star Thistle management

Another Publication on Managed Herbivory


About Renting Goats from Goat Central

Developing the plan is like planning your vacation.  Have you ever packed your suitcase before knowing your destination?  Hmm-the swimsuit just may not work in Vail, Colorado in the winter. 

Your destination determines how you plan to get there and what you will need.

And just as your vacation is planned, so must vegetation management.  Knowing what your goal (destination) is will determine what you pack (fencing equipment) and number of suitcases you bring (# of goats, other tools).  The distance you have to travel to get there (stocking number, length of time to work) will determine if you go by air (large adult goats) or by car (young weanoffs).

In each project we

Project scoping Plant identification Calculating


Project review


Goats Monitoring Numbers Age Experience Travel


Analysis Monitoring  Supplementation Brush Cutting


Moving Distance Maintenance Piling/Burning
Time of  Year Topography Size of project Amount of time Water source Water Delivery

As you can see, there can be no set pricing.  Each project is as individual as it can be.  Each project will vary on the need of each item contained in the table and then some.  We do try to keep the pricing flexible. 

Goat projects are more then just putting them on a site and letting them go.  Without proper management or monitoring, these wonderfully crazy critters can be awesomely destructive.   If their behavior is not properly managed, the project results could be devastating instead of successful.  Renting our goats is not without challenges, but is rewarding work.

What ever you call it, it is the act of reducing vegetation-brush, weeds-to a desired level.  Each job is priced individually, based upon the amount of work we do. 

There are a variety of things that go into pricing a project.  Topography for one.  Steep, rocky terrain is much harder to set up then a flat, soil rich field.  We try to be fair and equitable in our bidding. 

Since each job is individual, there really is no average price. 

The City of Rocklin has put together a list of things to consider when thinking of using goats.  You can download the document here

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