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Tattooing is a way to identify the animals within your herd. 

We tattoo with both our herd id and the animals number.

Equipment needed-

Tattoo clamp, sufficient digits, either numbers, letters or both, latex gloves, alcohol, cotton balls, ink, and the grubby clothes. .The gloves can be a pain, but I do not like the ink getting all over my fingernails and cuticles.  It is hard to get washed out. 

We have found it best to tattoo within three days of birth.  If  later, it so hard to identify which kid goes to which doe.  There may be other ways to identify these animals, use leg bands, marking crayons, collars, but that is added expense. 

We use 5/16in tattoo clamp.  It is large enough to be read, and small enough to fit a young kids year.  Our herd ID is 5 digits, and the 5/16 will hold 5 digits.  I have done the kids by myself.  Since the kids spend so much time sleeping, nap time is premium time.  Have all your tattooing equipment in an empty tool box.  We use a plastic one, weighs less then the metals. 

Have your clamp ready.  I have all but the last number in the clamp.  This way, all I have to add is the one number depending on the kid I have in my lap.  To tattoo the right year, lay the kid across your lap, facing left.  Wait for the kid to settle down.  Put your left arm under the kids head, and hold out the right year.  First, clean the ear with an alcohol soaked cotton ball. Then, add the tattoo ink to the inside of the ear. Use your right hand to clamp onto the ear and squeeze. Use your left hand/arm to hold onto the kid!  Stroke and sooth the kid for a bit. while rubbing ink into the holes of the tattoo.  Now, turn the kid around, facing right, to follow the same procedure on the left.  But, be aware the kid now knows what's coming and will react more strongly for this ear. 

The most important thing in a good tattoo is make sure the holes are deep, and rub in a lot of ink. 

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