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I will preface this by saying these are simply my opinions, based upon my experience with these fun and lovable dogs!

Our dog, Molly, is the one who trained me to show her what to do.  It has been in incredible four years with this dog.  She is the worker of the group.  She lives to work.  And she does it well. 

I picked her up out of the paper one day.  She was a free 6 mo old border collie.  I fell in love with her the moment I saw her.  When I brought her home, she about went ballistic when she saw the goats! 

It was six months of working on the basics-sit, down, come- before I could work her.  She was so fierce!  So determined!  There was several times that we did not know what to do next!  She would stop, and just look at me and I didn't know what to do! 

Every day we worked.  She would do something, I gave it a name.  Soon, it was the command.  She took a nip at a goat, and looked at me as if to say "well, what it that".  So, "Nip em" was developed.  "Watch em" was a term my friend used, so we worked that.  And the "way out" and "go look"  took some time and lots of walking on my part, but now, she will go as far as I want her to. 

I think first it takes a good dog.  We have another dog, she is sweet, loving and wants to work. But is way to pigheaded and much to sensitive to criticisms to work.  And if the doe won't move, she doesn't have it in her to be aggressive. 

Next, is patience.  Allow the dog to grow.  Spend a lot of "working" time with the dog.  Unless you plan on trialing, don't worry what the command is called.  We use  "wait"  whenever the dog is to wait-at the door, in the truck, at the gate, or for the livestock.  However, "down" is different then "get down".

"that's enough" means to stop whatever it is you are doing.  Working, playing, chewing etc.

Do your commands when the dog does the behavior, not the other way around. 

"Go by" and "Come away" are about as difficult as they can get.  But small areas to train in make it easy to teach.  When the dog goes "away", give it the command and same for "go by"  Think of these commands like the clock-Time goes by-clockwise, Time goes away-counterclockwise.



Meet Molly's son, Pete.  He is an insecure dog when working alone.  But is absolutely a dynamite team dog. 

He decided to have a nap this day

Good thing they can't drive! 

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